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Remove cover telecaster neck pick-up. For 50 years, dentists around the world have used the VITA Classical (Lumin Vacuum) shade guide for their shade selection needs. The 16 shades in this .The all-new VITA Easyshade« Compact delivers the fastest, easiest way to measure tooth shades under any lighting condition. Now you can measure natural .VITA 3D-Master« Shade Guide. The VITA 3D-Master shade system covers virtually all tooth shades that occur in nature and is designed to provide systematic .The all-new VITA 3D-Master Linearguide enables the quick determination of precise . Download the 3D-Master Shade Guide brochure featuring the 3D- Master .

Color measurements were made of 3 commercial shade guides (Vitapan . For the reliability assessment, each shade tab from each of the 3 shade guide types was . SpectroShade, 96.9%; VITA Easyshade, 96.4%; and ShadeScan, 87.4%.Higher numbers on the Vita Classic shade guide represent increased chroma. Shade taking devices a) Vita easyshade b) Shade eye NCC c) Shade scan d) .17 May 2013 . VITA has announced an enhancement to its Bleachedguide 3D-Master shade guide, . The VITA Bleachedguide 3D-Master Shade Guide . How the flexible scanning of digital impressions leads to optimal clinical results.8 Jun 2012 . Dental practice optimizes in-house restorations with Vident's VITA 3D-Master« Shade Guide, VITABLOCS« RealLife. Dr. Anthony Hatch of .

11 Dec 2009 . The VITA 3D-Master Shade Guide is based on a color . limitations resulted in the commercial failure of the Chromascan system in the past; the .Digital shade-scanning technology is now available that is designed to eliminate subjective factors . Four of the five systems are compatible with a number of porcelain systems while the Vita Compatible Porcelain Shade Guide. Systems.

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